How do write an ‘about‘ page? Suddenly you have to scan your brain and try and pick out the key points that define who really you are. Great. It’s like being forced in to a group situation where everyone has to go round in a circle and tell one ‘interesting fact’ about themselves. Spoiler alert: they are literally never interesting. Here are the basics:

My name is Victoria. I’m 26. I grew up in Cardiff but currently live in London. I’m a Journalism & Media graduate. I’ve worked in the beauty PR/media industry for 3 years. I’m generally calling this a lifestyle blog but if you’re expecting fancy travel snaps or tips on how to make the perfect smoothie bowl then you’re in the wrong place.

I’ve read blogs for years but have always been too painfully insecure to start my own. What will people say? Will they think I’m completely cringe worthy? Am I an embarrassment to everyone I know? Will they think I’m self-obsessed? Will anyone even read it? Maybe I should just keep everything I have ever thought about doing, or writing, to myself. At least if I keep quiet no one will judge me. 

Once I came to the realisation that nobody really cares what anyone else is doing I got over it and here we are.

Hope you enjoy!*






*If you don’t then I’d really rather not hear about it.